onsdag 20 juli 2011

Jens Lekman släpper nytt i september

Den tjugonde september släpper Jens Lekman den nya EP:n An Argument With Myself EP. Jens skriver såhär om skivan;

"While working on my upcoming album, I found that a few songs were disrupting the order, fucking up the flow. They were juvenile delinquents, they refused to fall in line with the others. I had to isolate them on this EP as a little taste of what's not to come."

1. An Argument With Myself
2. Waiting for Kirsten
3. A Promise
4. New Directions
5. So This Guy At My Office

Några av låtarna på den kommande EP:n har han redan spelat live, till exempel "Waiting for Kirsten" och "A Promise", se videor på dem nedan.

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